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Saturday, August 10, 2013

How To Plan A Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Today I have a great guest post for you from Anne Legg, on the subject of planning a pirate-themed BD party.

How To Plan A Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a fun and exciting event! But planning a birthday party can be a big undertaking. This article discusses how to plan a pirate themed birthday party in just a few simple steps. Hopefully these tips will help you plan your pirate party successfully and stress free.


The best idea for a pirate themed birthday party is to include the idea of costumes. This can be done by asking your guests to dress up in pirate garb on their own. This will allow your guests the freedom of choosing their own costume or making one if they so desire. You might want to think about having a costume contest at the party as well. This is always a good idea to encourage participation, as some guests might not be inclined to dress up. However, offering a prize for the costume contest winner is always a motivator for participation, even if the prize is a small one. Having costumes at a party always aids in the fun and general atmosphere of the party. When guests have on pirate costumes, you can include games like talking like a pirate, etc. You could also purchase small items such as eye patches, bandanas, fake gold hoop earrings, and hook hands for the party and pass them out. This is an easy way for everyone to have costumes and not to require the guests to dress up. These also serve as great party favors for your pirate themed party as well.


Make your own invitations that look like a treasure map, or pirate ship, or an eye patch, etc. You can also include an eye patch and bandana in the envelope with the invitation to follow the costume theme. That way everyone at least has something to wear to the party.

Treasure Hunt

A really fun activity for a pirate themed party is a treasure hunt. This is simple to do, as you can draw out a simple map with short clues as to where to go next. Include a clue at each stop on the map, which will lead to the treasure. At the treasure spot, place a treasure chest filled with candy or prizes and have each child choose a “treasure” from the treasure chest as a reward for finding the treasure.


Complete your pirate themed party with a pirate themed cake and decorations. These things can be purchased at party supply stores or grocery stores. You can also choose to make your own decorations or cake with a pirate theme. Some great ideas for a pirate themed cake could include a treasure map, treasure chest with chocolate gold coins placed around, a pirate ship, etc. You could also make cupcakes and place pirate flags in the cupcakes to complete the theme.

About the Author

Anne Legg is a seasoned party planner and has planned many pirate themed birthday parties. She suggests checking out these pirate costumes for some ideas for your next party.


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