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Friday, August 16, 2013

Fame. Yes, Fame.

I'm famous.

*Stretches. Examines fingernails in a bored manner.*

Yep. Famous.

That's right.

I was out at dinner last night with my family. Afterwards, a few of them wandered next door to the sweet shop for some ice cream (I, with my iron will, did not).

Fred came back to where we were sitting, looked at me and said, "OK freakazoid. You need to go in there."

I asked why.

He told me he and a couple of the kids were in the shop, and the woman asked him if his wife had a blog. Turns out she reads it all the time.

Might I remind you that we are currently 22,000 miles away from home (give or take) on vacation?

And yet I (or rather, my freckle-faced kid) was recognized.

Is that the coolest thing in the universe or what?!?!

Anyway, here is a shout-out to the good people at the Sweet Spot in Corolla, North Carolina in the Outer Banks.

Shakes so delicious my oldest is insisting we go back there again today.

But if we do, I'll have to bring my entourage so I'm not mobbed by folks seeking my autograph and a photo op.


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  1. That IS absolutely the coolest thing (and a great place to have a new friend)!

    1. I know, Michelle, right? Come on down and I'll see if I can hook you up with some free sweets!

  2. Good grief, you ARE famous! I'd microchip my kid if I were you! ;-)

  3. That's awesome! And I love the fact that your husband called you freakazoid. Sounds like something mine would do.



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