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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Teacher Gifts

For years I struggled to find the perfect end-of-the-year teacher gift. Something personal, practical, and, with six kids in school, one that wouldn't break the bank.
After trying everything from homemade cookies in a jar to store bought chatchki, I finally arrived at something that fit the bill: a simple bookmark.

On stock paper, I print three bookmarks per page, each with a few words praising teachers. I add pictures of my children, have them write a few words of thanks and sign their name, and then run over to the local print shop to get them laminated.
On the back I affix a gift card to a book store, so the recipient can purchase a book for summer reading.
My children have been giving these to their teachers for several years now and we love them because they have all the things I look for:
Practical: teachers, books, bookmarks. No brainer.
Personal: Pictures and a few words from my kids makes this a very personal gift, even though we make them assembly line style.
Inexpensive: The bookmarks themselves cost next to nothing to make, and the gift cards can be any value that fits your budget. I often make 15 of these or more, so for me, money matters!
Appreciation: The teachers have told me how much they love getting these. They like that it is something that they can use and won't end up in the back of a closet, and that their student took the time to write a few words of thanks.


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  1. Hi came across your blog from the "TALU" I had the same trouble picking out a gift this year. Sometimes all you have is a card to say thanks.



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