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Friday, May 10, 2013

Farm Friday: Kitten Update

Geeze Louise they're growing fast.

Holy cow.

And cute?


They're starting to walk now, as opposed to belly crawling.

You know, that funny brand-new-legs walk that kittens do, one foot at a time, tail pointed straight out behind them, shaking like a junkie.

They're also beginning to groom themselves and even to play a bit.

Also? They're starting to develop personalities. Well, kittenalities, I suppose, if you want to get all technical on me.

Eenie: Thinks outside the box. Literally. Yesterday Miss Kitty and all her babies were in the box, but Eenie was just outside.

Meenie: Not a meanie. A sweetie!

Miney: This joker is a jokester.

Mo: He's my laid-back little dude. Doesn't say much, just sits back and looks at you with those eyes. At two weeks old, he's already heavily contemplated life.

Tiger: Biggest. Furriest. Leader of the band.

I've moved their box into a bigger enclosure so when they're big enough to leave the box they'll have a safe place to play.

I made the move a little sooner than I had planned, b/c when I went to check on them yesterday, I discovered Miss Kitty had moved them. She put them all in a desk drawer. They were all jumbled up in a pile on a bunch of pencils, peering out and saying, "Meow?"

And I said, "Miss Kitty, I've been there, honey. I know there are some days you just want to hide your kids away in a desk drawer or a closet or something, but you just can't do that, darlin'."

And she sighed a very heavy sigh as she watched me place them back in the box.

She's feeling a bit like a factory these days, poor girl.

That's OK.

I know she loves the little parasites....

They'll be ready in 5 1/2 more weeks! Taking orders now.....


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  1. Aww... I remember when my Kitana was a kitten, she's 2yr now.. Lovely blog made me smile. Following though G+ and GFC from the Friday Chaos Blog Hop. Have a great weekend. :-)

  2. They are darling!! However, we have a farm full of dogs:( Not a good combo!!



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