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Friday, May 17, 2013

Farm Friday: Grumble.


I had a post all written up with the kitten update. And I had pictures, but now I can't find the stinkin' memory card.
No memory card, no pictures.

And I canNOT bring myself to post a kitten update without showing you their toxic levels of adorableness. Can't be done.

So I'll try to post that tomorrow or something, and in the meantime I bring you some choice rehash of farm-like material.

Hope you don't mind too terribly.

So a good friend of mine is putting her house on the market because she wants a place in the country where she can keep her critters out in the open, and not hidden away in a secret chamber like Anne Frank.

The realtor came by to appraise her house and saw chickens in the garage.
Told her they must go.
She has some notion that potential buyers might not want to look any further once they saw chickens in the house. Sheesh.

So anyway, needless to say, I am now chicken-sitting said poultry. I took receipt of them a couple days ago, and felt like I was part of the underground-railroad.

We quickly got them settled into the Henhouse with the others.

Others being my 13 layers, 10 meat-bird chicks, and 6 layer-breed cockarels that I had heretofore described as styrofoam packing peanuts.

We oriented them to the feed and water, and sat back chattin' like the overall-wearin', hay-chewin' farmgals that we are, and watched the hens get acquainted with their new digs.

To no one's surprise, a fight broke out between one of the newcomers and one of my Wyandottes.

Me: Do you think we should break it up?
T: No, let's see if they can resolve this on their own.
(we're mothers first, chicken stewards second)

And we watched them fly at each other, puff up, peck at each other's wattles and combs, and cuss at each other.

At one point, in the thick of their squabble, they both stopped and turned to look off in a corner, with one neck twisted under the other and talons outstretched mid-strike.

Me: They need a thought-bubble above them that says, "I'm gonna rip you limb-from...Look! A squirrel!"
T: I think our chickens have ADHD.

Image courtesy: SydesJokes on Flickr
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  1. Every now and again I do convince myself it would be nice to have chicks - but maybe not such a great plan in South London ;-) Great to discover your blog, Alice @ Mums Make List

  2. Hope you find that memory card. So annoying, I know! And every year I think about getting chickens. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is knowing how long and cold winter is - and how much I don't like getting up early only to trudge through the deep snow to a chicken coop.



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