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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mirth Monday

A little Easter funny. Something I posted several years ago on my old blog....

So kids, let Mommy explain to you all about Easter. Jesus died on the cross for your sins.

Well, no, I know you weren't around back then, not your sins specifically. But He just did.

Then He rose from the dead.

No, not like a zombie.

He just did.

We decorate Easter baskets and dye eggs real pretty to symbolize springtime and new life.

Yes, I know Jesus was born on Christmas, but we celebrate new life at Easter. After He died.

We just do.

We eat chocolate eggs because .....

Well I don't know why exactly, but aren't they yummy? Don't touch that, you've got chocolate all over your hands.

OK, now let's all go outside and find the candy-filled Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in the yard. Hmmmm? He's a giant bunny that brings candy to good boys and girls. No, honey, don't look afraid, he's a good giant bunny. No, he didn't rise from the dead. No, he's not related to Jesus.

Here, have some more chocolate and let Mommy go lie down for a little while.


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