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Friday, April 26, 2013

Farm Friday: KITTENS!

The kitties are here!!!

Miss Kitty had her babies on Tuesday morning! She did great. She had five beautiful, healthy, gorgeous kittens.

Two black and white tuxedos,
Two white with grey/black tiger patches,
and one that's mostly grey/black tiger with some brownish areas.

Have I mentioned that she is about the sweetest cat I have ever met? Even while in labor, if I was petting her, she was purring.

That contrasted quite nicely with what I had anticipated: that if I reached my hand into the box, her head would spin around and she would scream "Don't touch me you son of a b**ch!"

Nope.  Sweet and loving through the whole process.

You could tell she had read the What To Expect When You're Expecting Kittens book, because she followed all the steps precisely:

1) Birth a kitten.

2) Eat the birth sac.

3) Clean the kitten.

4) Birth the placenta.

5) Eat the placenta.

6) Look like you're about to hurl.

7) Repeat.

The other kids had already left for school, but Daniel and I were around for most of the process. When he got an eyeful of that first placenta, he tapped into speed I never knew he had. He made a personal best as well as a household best in his time in the Leaving the Room event.

I know some mammals of the human variety eat the placenta, too, and who am I to judge, but GROSS! Although watching the process, it made me realize how natural and probably nutritious (and revolting) it is. In fact, I thought of a couple of slogans should the placenta crowd ever want to market their approach:

It's what's for breakfast.


Packed with protein, placenta really satisfies.

What do you think? Would either of those make you want to eat your placenta?

No? Maybe I shouldn't have quit my day job...

Taking orders for kittens NOW!!! Just think, you can have one of these little beauties for your very own in about six short weeks!


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  1. Sooo stinkin' cute! I love a baby, regardless of the animal.
    The whole eating the placenta thing is just awful to contemplate. Bad enough when the mom cat does it, but I found out recently about sheep dogs. When we went to visit my brother, who had 20 pregnant sheep all delivering within 2 weeks, he warned us to stay away from the placentas if we found one in the field. (Um, duh.) If we were to go near them the sheep dog, who is normally very sweet, would have torn our heads off. They are hers to eat. Glad to say, we never came across any placenta.

  2. Awww! The grew and white one and the tiger black and white one look like two of the five MY cat had. They are so cute :)

  3. Thanks, ladies. Yeah, aren't they cute???

    Coop, our farm dog (our LGD Pyr) eats the sheep/goat placentas, as well. Better her than me, I say. Yuck!


  4. Please keep them for eight weeks, if possible! Six weeks is really too early.

  5. Will do, Melissa! I'm just winging it here. She's a stray, all my cats are spayed, so any help is much appreciated!

  6. The placenta contains a lot of things the mother needs. It is also thought to be instinct to help prevent other animals from finding her after she has had babies.

    While kittens may be weaned by six weeks, that extra two weeks gives the mom time to teach them how to become better, more socialized cats. It makes a huge difference in their behavior, even as adults.

  7. Thanks Jade and Anon!
    Anon, I know eating the placenta is nutritious and all, but I still think it's gross.
    And another reader informed me about waiting till 8 weeks, which I will definitely do. Thanks!!!

  8. Kittys! So cute. Youngest son is jealous that his two older siblings have dogs, but knows he can't take care of one. He's thinking a kitty is the answer...we'll see!



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