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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blue Dog

The most senior of our six dogs is an old feller named Blue. Whether I call him Blue Dog or Handsome or Bubby, I have to say it a little louder now because he's beginning to lose his hearing. Since he's 13 and that's really his only physical problem, we can't complain. When we take him in for his yearly checkup and shots, the vet is always amazed at how great he's doing, and thinks he looks half his age. We got him before our youngest was even crawling and our oldest was still in preschool. So he's been a part of this family for a very long time.

But a week ago it looked like his age had finally caught up with him. The poor old thing was gravely ill. I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say it involved lots of purging of his system, from both ends.
And a good deal of blood.

We actually thought we might be looking at his last days. And this while my oldest child was halfway around the world in Italy.

We brought him to the vet, and she wasn't too optimistic. She kept him there over Easter weekend, hooked up to IV fluids and meds. I was dying the eggs and cooking Easter dinner, but frettin' and pacin' the whole while. Finally got that phone call to give me an update, and I was thrilled to learn he was on the mend.

He came home the day after Easter looking MUCH better.  And he's going to be just fine.

If only I can make it through two weeks of managing his meds. I give him some tube medicine I have to squirt in his mouth twice a day for two weeks, but I have to give it an hour after his pills. I give him two pills twice a day that I have to give him 1/2 hour before or after his special canned food. And I need to give him 1/2 a pain pill as needed. Ummm, last I checked, he can't talk. So when do I give it, when he's clutching his belly and rolling his eyes?

That's OK, I don't mind. I'm just SO happy to have him home!!!!

Love you, Blue....


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  1. I'm happy for you! We're dog people too, so we understand. And you're right, he is a handsome fellow.

  2. Glad he is better - it is scary when they are so sick! Good luck with all those meds :-)

  3. What a beautiful puppy! Glad hes feeling better!

  4. Yes he is beautiful, but what's wrong with his left eye?

  5. He's a good lookin' dog. Glad he's doing better.

  6. Glad to hear he is feeling better!

  7. Great news, well done Blue! x

  8. So glad Blue is on the mend. Love our little people with fur! He really is a beautiful dog. I have one that is 13 and she is losing her hearing as well. I just hate that they have to get old. Such a part of the family. Good luck with the pills. :)

  9. Thanks everyone! I'll let know Blue know you were all wishing him well!
    Alex, nothing wrong with his eye. His left eye is blue, and his right eye is blue with a little speck of blue. When we were picking out a name for him when he was a pup, we figured he had a blue eye, he was a "blue merle" Australian Shepherd, and the kids were addicted to the show Blue's Clues, so the name Blue was an easy choice!

  10. Hi there! I have ventured over from Thumpin’ Thursday. Thrilled to be connecting with someone new!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  11. Funny, when I saw the title, my brain automatically went to the artist, George Rodrigue, and his Blue Dog. When I saw the pic, I switched gears to Armenia. There is a species of cat from where my grandparents were born - the Van Cat (pronounced vahn), known for their one blue eye. I wonder if there is a canine equivalent of the Van Cat. Sorry this came up over the holiday and with one of the crew out of the country of all times, but glad to hear he's on the mend. :)

  12. Blue and Torrey could be litter mates, they look so much alike. Glad he's feeling better.

  13. Blue is beautiful! We wish him good health!

  14. Found you through a blog hop - think I'll be sticking around :-)

  15. Oh hi, guys, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Blue is back to his old self now, so all's well that ends well, and hopefully he won't get sick like that again. He gave me such a scare!
    Thanks to my new followers!!!


  16. Oh, goodness, he is so cute! Thank you for sharing this at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you again at the bash. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse.



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