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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Appliances. Story of a Love-Hate Relationship.

Life is good.

I have many conveniences in my household that make my life so much easier.

Except when they decide not to work.

Like my dishwasher.

A wondrous thing.

But since there currently appears to be some mystery food clogging its plumbing, it won't drain.

Translation: we can't use it.

Translation #2: we're handwashing all the dishes, which means every inch of countertop is taken up with dirty dishes in varying degrees of filth, or clean dishes in varying stages of drying. Looks classy.

Or like my washer and dryer.

Can you imagine life without that hardworking little duo? I can't.

But recently our spin cycle decided to go on vacation.

Which means when the clothes are done washing, we have to wring them out by hand over the sink or the bathtub before they're placed in the dryer.

Even doing so, the clothes are so wet that it takes about four dryer cycles to get the clothes dry.

So we've been getting a little backed up on laundry 'round here.

Not good, my friends.

And lastly, the refrigerator.

Oh, it's doing just fine.

But some filter thingy sprung a leak and water leaked all inside the fridge and into the little shelves on the door and then froze, so all the jellies and condiments are stuck in the ice.

The freezer, on the other hand, refuses to make ice, so it's back to the 1950s we go with ice cube trays that the kids seem not to know how to fill up when they're empty.

I know, it's pretty complicated stuff filling ice cube trays, I'm probably expecting too much of my kids.

And my computer has been coming on to me lately.  Last night I thought I'd play a few hands of solitaire to relax before bed.  I still had a couple tabs open, like maybe Blogger and Yahoo or something.  But I could hear heavy breathing from the computer. It was kind of freaky.

Worst part about it was it didn't even offer to buy me a drink...


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  1. We've been doing the hand-wringing of sopping wet clothes around here for a good, long time. I thought we were going to be getting a bigger, newer model, but then we did our taxes. Boohoo. I can't wait for the warm, sunny weather to hit. My laundry will go much faster when it can line dry!
    The dishwasher would do me in, I think. Good luck with that.

  2. I keep telling my kids to fill the ice tray when they empty they leave 1 ice cube in it and shove it back in the freezer! Why do all the appliances go belly up at the same time? We're having identical problems right now...I can sympathize!!

  3. Oh, Coop, I feel your pain! I hate, hate, hate it.

    Anon, Mine do the same!!! Ugh.

    Hope we can ALL get new appliances soon!



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