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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inspiration Sunday

Image courtesy: Monica Aguinaga
via Pinterest


Wanna know something cool? As of yesterday, I was like 4 or 5 votes away from being back in the teens on Top Mommy Blogs. I would love to be there, and you can help me. It's beyond simple:
Just one click on this brown button with the juggling chick is all it takes. Nothing else. You can vote every day!
Thanks so much, you guys are amazing!

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  1. This is very inspiring. Thank you for the advice!

    Amanda Rose

    1. Inspiring and true, don't you think, Amanda? Thanks for stopping in!

  2. this reminded me once of a weight watchers meeting I was in..(for research purposes of course:))..the Leader said "In a year from will be a year from now no matter what you decide to do"...It really resonated with me. She was saying "yeah it may take a year to lose this weight....and it may be challenging....but if you don't that year from now will still arrive and you will still weigh x ,or even more,...OR you will weigh less.. it's up to you to chose.."


    1. Must be a WW thing, Liz! I was in a mtg years ago, and a similar thing was said by a member. Someone had dropped out ater about a month, then rejoined about a year later. Her friend, who had stayed in the program, had reached her goal wt, where this other person was starting over again. Shows what can happen fn we just stay the course, right? Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

  3. Just "met" you on this link-up and thought I'd drop by. So glad I did: very wise words. Not being very techie, don't promise my attempt to support you blog will work, but am about to have a go!

    Nice to have visited: will follow you as well. Isobel (

  4. This quote is awesome! Thanks so much for linking up today :)




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