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Friday, September 7, 2012

Farm Friday - Rain Dance

Have you ever seen a rain dance?
Here, let me explain the steps...

Replace the tires on the wheelbarrow. Invent a few new cuss words while you're fighting with the #@*&% cotter pins.

Shovel and pitch all the old, nasty, smelly bedding.

Sprinkle DE on the coop floors and spread fresh new straw everywhere, including in your hair and in your ears and up your nose and down your shirt. If you do not resemble a scarecrow when you're done, go back and spread more.

Spray a liberal application of Poultry Protector on every surface. Be sure to coat your tonsils and nostrils so you'll be able to taste it for the next week and a half.

Stand back and admire your handiwork.

Feel the burn in your muscles, smell the stench on your clothes, admire your broken nails.

Wait for it....

In 3...2...1....


PS: This dance may only work for you if rain water washes through your barn like it does in mine, rendering it a post-Katrina-like flood zone every time it rains.

PPS: Anyone know where I can purchase levee-reinforcing sand bags in bulk?

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  1. I have always wanted chickens, and dreamed of happy fat hens clucking away while laying those beautiful brown,green, and blue eggs. I think in my vision I forgot a few important me thinks I shall buy my eggs forever more ;-)

    1. There is the dream, and there is the nightmare, and somewhere in the purgatory between the two lies chicken ownership.

  2. I so understand, so understand...

  3. This sounds frustrating!

    Found you today through the monday mingle.

    1. Frustrating is a very mild word to desribe it, Desirae. Thanks for stopping by! I loves me some comments....

  4. I"m your newest follower from the Monday Mingle :)

    1. Thanks for the follow, Student's Wife! Off to check yours out now.

  5. Hey there! I'm a new follower from the Mom's Mingle, and I'd love a visit back at when you get the chance! I'd also love for you to link up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer blog hop on Thursday!

    1. Hi Cassie, thanks so much for the follow!!! Glad you dropped in. I'm off to check your blog out in a minute. Have a good one!



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