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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inspiration Sunday

As of last week,
and it took me about a year to do it,
I completed my Sunday Social series, where I introduced you to a new member of my human or critter family each week.

Wasn't sure what to do with Sundays once that was wrapped up.

Random stuff?
Sow Sunday?
Nothing at all?

I was pretty close to doing Sow Sunday, and have nothing but pictures of adorable piggies.

Instead, however, I decided on Inspiration Sunday. I like the sound of it, and I'm always finding things on Pinterest that I find inspirational, so it'll be pretty easy for me.

Like a day of rest.

And I could always use a day of rest.

SO here's the first. Hope you enjoy....


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  1. Thank you..... love it..... This ties in very much with where I am at the moment.

    ....and much better than rows of adorable piggies.....although you can put them in also....could be inspirational too!!!!

  2. So glad you were able to take something from this, Adrienne. Maybe I can work some piggies in later. Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. This is a wonderful start!

    Amanda Rose

  4. Godd quote find and oh so true.

  5. awesome blog! this is such fun, and so my style, minus the witty banter :D I'm a new follower with friend connect, do you have a email sign up too? Helps me remember to look :D
    come follow me back!



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