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Friday, June 8, 2012

Farm Friday - Snake in the Grass

Put my garden in a few weeks ago.

Weed-wacked it.
Tilled it.
Raked it.
Mulched it.
Planted it.
Watered it.

All the greenery at the back is strawberries. They're coming in like gangbusters this year.

I buy my plants already started.
FAR too lazy to start them from seed. Don't judge.
And the place I get them was out of some of what I needed, so I'll need to make another trip. Right now I've got parsley, chives, tomatoes, red peppers, and cukes.

I need to put in a bunch more peppers and cukes, plus some basil, mint, and scallions. I'm also going to plant carrots in pots, and try growing potatoes in a trash can like I've seen on the internet.

What else. Oh, I'm going to grow some corn and some sweet potatoes over by the chicken run, and feed them directly to the chickens as they come in.

Also going to try growing a whole mess of pumpkins this year.

Anyway, when we were raking and tilling and what-not, I noticed Cindy was watching something in the grass. So of course we all went over to investigate. It was a snake. Just a harmless black snake, but it was a doozy. Cool, huh?

Doesn't that just make you wanna go start a garden?


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  1. Oh my gosh that Snake is so huge! We have tiny little snakes here compared to that. I'd be scared if I saw that thing.

    Amanda Rose

  2. That is one long black snake!!!!

  3. That IS a doozie! Glad it was a harmless one. Guess you won't be havin' much of a problem with rodents, eh? Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I agree with all of you, it WAS a doozie! It was a fun one to watch...

  5. Holy cow that's a big snake and that's just crazy watching it go up the tree like that. I mean I know you can find snakes in trees, but I've never actually seen how they manage to get up there before :) Thank you for sharing

  6. Barbara, it's funny; like you, I knew they could get into trees, but I never really stopped to think about it much before. Unitl now. Do you know how many times my kids have climbed that very tree?

  7.!!!!! I don't care if they are harmless, snales give me the heebie jeebies!! Seeing that thing go up the tree gives me the heebie jeebies. He is a monster!!!

  8. Beverly, he's the biggest I've seen in awhile. In the grass, he didn't look so big. But going up that tree? Yikes!

  9. Hi, Anne--

    I just tagged you in the Lucky 7 Meme Challenge! Go to to check it out. I hope you have time for this; it was passed on to me, and sometimes I'm hesitant to tag others because these things do take time. Anyway, I'd love to see a bit of your WIP.

  10. I think he's bigger than the ones I've seen here lately.. I hope they're not as big. And oooo.. creepy to see him going up the tree.. never thought about them going up in the trees much, but it makes sense. Visiting thru Deborah Jean's Farmgirl Friday.

  11. Tori, it was kind of creepy to see him going up that tree. Can't put my finger on why, excatly, but it was!
    Sarah, holy smokes is right! He was a monster.

  12. Gerry, thanks for the honor! Over to check that out in a minute.

  13. I've never seen a snake climb a tree! It's a big one too!

  14. @Kathy, even though I had known it was something snakes could do, I had never actually seen it myself, and I'll admit, it was pretty creepy. Thanks for stoppping by!




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