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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Social Becomes, For Today, Sermon Sunday

I am speaking up in defense of the Jersey Oompa-Loompa Mom who has been dubbed a "tanorexic".

Everyone is blasting her for taking tanning a step too far.

But I say, maybe she likes the color orange, what's it to you?

Maybe she likes leather.

And yeah, maybe she's just a little bit obsessed.

What. You have no vices? No obsessions?

Perhaps you have a shoebox full of Twinkies in the darkest recesses of your pantry.

Maybe you add a splash of Mommy Juice to your Starbuck's cup to get you through a playgroup or a field trip or just another morning of baby-toddler-preschool hell.

A hidden tattoo, perhaps? You rebel, you.

I say,

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...."

I certainly can't make that "without sin" claim when it comes to obsessions.

I have more than my fair share, but you don't see my name being dragged through the paper for any of them.

My God in heaven, just look at the pictures in my sidebar, or read through my posts about all our animal foibles.

And yet, no one has pointed a finger and called me an animorexic.
Or an adoptorexic.
Or a can't-stop-feeding-her-face-orexic.

So I say, let's all just give Patricia Krentcil a little breathing room to enjoy her vice in peace. Maybe send a little prayer that she's telling the truth about not taking her kid with her into the tanning booth, b/c once she's dragged her kid into things, it's a whole different ball of skin cells.

As far as I know, her family is not in danger of health maladies from second-hand radiation.

Although, to look at her?

Maybe they are....

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  1. HOW did YOU find OUT about MY hidden TWINKIES?

  2. You would be amazed at what I know.....

  3. Let's forget our perfect imperfections. Who doesn't have a buggaboo or two in her life? Great post.

  4. As someone with absolutely NO obsessions (except food, and candy, and movies, and music, and books ...) I feel perfectly validated* in judging this woman.

    *by validated, what I mean is, unvalidated. ;)

  5. Popped in from SITS to say hi!

  6. I totally agree, lets stop telling other people how they should be. Let them make their own decisions. If she wants to look like an orange peel what is that to anyone else?

  7. @Sharon, or three. Or 300. Thanks!
    @Khara, I'm so glad you're like me and have no obsessions. Ha!

  8. @Blond Duck, thanks for stopping by, and hi right back atcha!
    @Betty, to each his own, right? I'll bet she thinks my farmer's tan looks hideous, too!

  9. I found myself chuckling here, but you're right. We all have our little imperfections and obsessions. Stopping by from Spring Fling and I'm looking forward to reading more.

  10. Thanks, Stickynotequeen (love the name). Hope to see you around!



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