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Saturday, April 28, 2012


OK, how cool is this?

I just Googled "I am my mother. And..."

and there at the top of the page was the Scary Mommy link for my guest post!

For someone like me who's very much small potatoes in bloggy world, this was, needless to say, head-swelling.

See, usually, I get about (mumble-mumble -- a figure in the hundreds) page views per day.

Jill Smokler, aka Scary Mommy, gets a million and a half per freakin' month. I said million. As in million. Which means untold thousands tune in on a daily basis.

And in this day of "sharing" and forwarding and what-not, that figure becomes quie a bit larger.

For my post, I have no idea how many people viewed it, but close to 1700 shared it. And if you figure each of those people shared it to their closest 100 FB friends or Tweeps, that means that my piece was potentially seen by

think, think


And if only 10% of THOSE people shared it, that means

(concentratey face)

something like a cajillion people saw it.

I am poised for world domination, if my calculations are correct, by noon on Weds.

Heady stuff for a SAHM/farmgirl.

Pretty soon I can quit my dayjob of shoveling manure and picking up hairballs and making grilled cheese sandwiches.

Those things probably ought not be in a sentence together.

But fear not. Just like the lottery-winning janitors, I shall continue to hang out here and regale you with tales of buckets of rats and road trips to hell from time to time. That's just how I roll.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Congrats. Thats cool! I don't even get a hundred a day since I moved my blog but its ok. I'm a back behind the scenes kind a gal anyway.

    And to make myself less popular, heres where the Scary Mommy rules the world really bugs me. Almost all the posts on her site? Written by other people. Sure you can't deny she's got networking down. But I get annoyed when people gush over a blog and how great it is when the person who actually owns the blog very rarely writes on it. It's a nice blog, but I read blogs to read one person and see what they have to say. Hence why I come to your blog, so I hear just your words.

    Make sense? I'm not dismissing that SM is a good writer and networker, I just can't get excited about accolades for a blogger who never writes on her own blog.

  2. Building back up after moving is hard. I changed blogs a couple months ago and I lost a lot of followers and views. I've been working hard at building it back up. I now have more followers than I did at the old one, but my views are still lower than they were, so I've gotta keep at it.

    I hear what you're saying about SM. But I also feel she deserves a lot of credit for two reasons. For one, the blog posts she writes are very well written and funny, as is her book. Secondly, I love that she has built up a community, with the confessional, the "society posts", and the forums. When you consider how narcissistic most blogs are (my own included), it's nice to see something that lets everyone share their views and frustrations about motherhood.

  3. Anne, I love your post on Scary Mommy and will definitely be sharing it with others. It was your tweet about world domination that led me to it... another fruit of MNINB.

    How interesting that I rolled into this debate about moving blogs and building audience just as I prepared to move my own blog. I'm new to blogging, and I definitely see Andrea's point. My blog and some of my favorite blogs are simply people sharing their life, their work and and their innermost thoughts. Or a good joke. That said, I also appreciate larger communities and respect bloggers who do the work to maintain interest and share their audience with emerging voices. It's a conundrum we should all have - what to do with our success!

  4. Hello Lisahelene, my fellow MNINBer! Thanks for stopping by. You're right, that's pretty much what a blog is supposed to be, after all. A web-log. Good luck to both of us as we build ours up!

  5. Anne, your post on Scary Mommy was most awesome. Found it through MNINB FB group, yea! I also want to dominate the world;)

    Your blog numbers are crazy awesome too, I think. I'm working on getting mine where I'd like them to be... not enough hours in the day;)

  6. Thank you, Kristi. And may I also say YOU are most awesome.

    As far as getting those numbers up there? I have soooo far to go. Some stars-aligned combination of talent, luck, and networking. Hustle, hustle, hustle, right?



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