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Friday, April 6, 2012

Farm Friday - Heavenly Homemakers

I follow a blog called Heavenly Homemakers. Which I love.

Seriously, she's full of awesome recipes and helpful hints and she's thrifty and amazing.

Why am I blogging about her today? Because she's starting a fun new link-up thingy called Homemaking Hints at Heavenly Homemakers. Here's what she wrote about it:

With this link-up, you are welcome to share kitchen tips, cleaning solutions, recipe ideas, cooking short-cuts, household money-saving suggestions, decorating ideas, gardening tips - anything you feel fits into the category of “homemaking hints”. The purpose of the “Homemaking Hints” link-up is to offer helpful advice to inspire and encourage us all as we spend our time caring for our homes and families. Therefore, we ask that you do not link up posts that contain product reviews or giveaways you are hosting, deals posts, or sales you are running on your site. Thanks for understanding.

She'll run this the first Friday of every month, so even though it falls on my Farm Friday bit, I'll take part.

So my tip for today? A very simple one:

Keep a kitchen-sized trash can in your closet. Place several trash bags in the bottom, and put one bag in the can, already to fill up. Every now and then, take a minute to look through your closet and remove items that you have not worn in a while, or items that are stained, ripped, or you have no hope of ever fitting into again (stop kidding yourself, already). Throw 'em in the bag! When it's filled up, just remove the bag, tie it up, and throw it in your car. Next time you're around one, drop it in a Planet Aid drop box, or a Good Will, or whatever strikes your fancy. This easy-peasy tip makes light work of thinning out your closet.

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  1. I'm fairly certain that every room in our little apartment needs its very own toddler-proof trash can--including closets (which, in our case, are full of drycleaning tags, bags, and receipts.) Thanks for the tip!

  2. Stephanie, now I can thank YOU for the tip! I never really thought of putting one in other areas. I'm going to get to work on that. I can think of many areas where we could do this, next to the game cabinet, in the pantry (where we also store a lot of pitchers and other containers), the bathrooms (for gifted lotions, etc) and many more. THANKS!



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