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Sunday, February 26, 2012


So tonight's The Big Night. The Oscars.

As you may or may not have heard
oh I'm sorry, have I already mentioned that?(cough)
my sister, actress Mary Birdsong,

was in the movie The Descendants, with George MF Clooney.

And as it turns out, The Descendants will be well represented at tonight's Academy Awards. It's up for:
Best Picture
Best Actor - George Clooney
Best Director - Alexander Payne.

Now, Mr. Payne seemed like a very nice man

name drop-name drop-name-drop

and you all know my feelings for Georgie
swoon-drool-hot flash

and I sincerely hope they both win their categories.

But what I want most of all is for The Descendants to win Best Picture.

Because THEN, Mary can have bragging rights on her resume and , oh well pretty much everything the rest of her LIFE, that she was in an Academy Award-winning movie.

And that would be pretty awesome.

Cheer for Mary! Vote for her sister (that would be me)....

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  1. Cool! I forgot to return last week because I asked what movie. Now I know. I never saw it. I am glad its a book. I LOVE to read the book first and then watch the movie and then I'll look out for your sister. ;-) TALU

  2. This is awesome and I was bad (never watched the Oscars), but seriously need to watch this movie to see your sister now!! :)

  3. Okay, I had to go back and look to see who won. I'm sorry.... It must be fun to follow your sister's career and then remind her that you know all her stories...

  4. Who's my dream agent?
    MF George Clooney
    Hands on management

  5. Wow. You name drop as much as you want. That's awesome! I did like the movie too. TALU.

  6. I still don't think I've gotten around to seeing this one - need to add it to my watch list! I think I'm pulling for Argo this year - gotta root for the home team since Ben Afleck is a Boston boy. :)

  7. Did not see that film, but I do remember all the buzz about it. How cool to have such a famous sister to live through vicariously and then to get to meet famous people too! What?? That is so super coolio! TALU

  8. We just watched this for the first time a couple nights ago. Loved it!

  9. How exciting! I loved the movie. I'll have to watch it again so I can see your sister! Amazing. TALU

  10. I loved that movie. I watched it on an airplane flying to China to adopt our daughter. My favorite scene was George Clooney running down the street to his friend's house, feet clomping in those docksiders. It was so awkward, so real-life.

    1. Kate, that friend he was running to see? That was my sister!

  11. Yay Mary!!!
    Thanks for stopping by, people!

  12. Oh, I am SO glad you followed up to your last George MF Clooney TALU post...I could read one of these every week! SO much fun to read, and how exciting for your family!

  13. SERIOUSLY?? You own something that George Clooney touched?? Your sister met him?! That's so awesome!!! And I remember that to be a great movie. This is definitely the coolest thing I have read recently!:)

    1. She not only met him, they talked, they joked, they laughed. He even kissed her on the top of her head one day in the dressing room. I kid you not.
      Idk about her, but those are some of the best moments of MY life!



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