life on the funny farm

Friday, January 27, 2012


I've decided.

I'm pretty sure I've decided.

To change my blogs around.

The evolution went something like this:

Bringing Borya Home (public): started to to track my adoption journey and to provide updates to friends and family.

Life on the Funny Farm (private): Sometime after James and Julie had been home with us awhile, I thought it would be a good idea to put most of the family matters on a private site, so Funny Farm was born.

BBH Gets Popular: As I got more into the blogging thing, and learned more about SEOs and increasing traffic and all that nonsense, I started posting more and more on BBH and less and less on LOTFF.

BBH more general than when it started: Though it began as an adoption blog, and that continues to be a topic of discussion, it is much more general than that now. Seems silly that a blog titled Bringing Borya Home has less to do with Borya now and more to do with our crazy lives in general.

Ergo and therefore: I'm going to switch over the blogs. For now I will spend a few minutes here, a few minutes there, going back through LOTFF to switch over names and remove any references to our private personas, rearranging tabs and pages and maybe the graphics, and when it's all set I will turn it public and make it the place I will post going forward.

It just makes more sense to me.

Hope you all approve.


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