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Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Happened Again

I've been kidnapped. Again.

I know, right?

This is one of my captors.

Babyface (Buttsky) is long gone. This is their new leader. Cheeks.

This is the ransom money they have demanded.

I'm scared. They carry bags of body parts around with them.

They blindfolded me and walked me down a damp, dungeon-like corridor.

They throttled me and shook me like a rag-doll and threatened to throw me into the waterfall if they weren't paid soon.

But far below I spied a boat. This was my only chance! Like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive, I did a Peter Pan right off the ledge. I landed on the boat and made my get-away.

For now......


  1. Think of all the evidence Cheeks is hiding in those monstrous masseter muscles. There may even be a small child kidnapped in there. Stopping by from Tuesday Archives.

  2. Congrats on your get away :D Thank you for sharing as part of the Archive Link up! Have a great Tuesday!

    {Sugar in My Grits}



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