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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Math Problems

1) Betsy bought 5 tickets to the baseball game. Going to the game would be Betsy, 3 of her kids, + 1 friend.
But Johnny decided later he did not want to go to the game because baseball is boring. Betsy told Johnny fine then, be bored at home.
So when Nancy asked if she could use Johnny's ticket to invite a friend, Betsy said of course, at least you appreciate what I do for you.
Johnny later decided that he wanted to go to the game after all, but Betsy told him he was s--- out of luck.
Then another friend, a grown-up friend of Betsy's, had an extra ticket, so Johnny could go after all.
But now Johnny only wanted to go if he could bring a friend too.
Betsy said too bad so sad, but then Nancy's friend said she might not be able to go to the game after all, so Betsy said Johnny could use that ticket for a friend.
In the next few hours, Johnny asked his friend, who said yes. Then Nancy's friend said she could go, and Nancy told her OK. Then Betsy told her no, we don't have the extra ticket anymore. Then Johnny's friend couldn't go.

a) how many tickets does Betsy need?
b) how many tickets does Betsy have?

2)Betsy and her kids and their friends get on a blue train to go to the baseball game. The train is travelling 60 mph against a 20 mph headwind. When the train crosses a bridge over a river and Betsy jumps off the train screaming in mental anguish, calculate:
a) her rate of descent as she leaps off the speeding train.
b) how many minutes will pass before any of her kids even notice she's gone.

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