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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Expecting!

Just got confirmation yesterday that I am expecting a boy. Not a baby boy, but a strapping 8 year old. That's right, I'm such a pro by now that I've learned how to completely bypass the diaper stage.

Before you go rushing off to get me a baby shower gift, allow me to clarify. We'll be hosting a boy from the Fresh Air Fund this summer. He will travel by bus from the Bronx to join our family for a week in August to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of rural PA (little does he know that the fresh air 'round these parts smells less of sunsine and more of bovine waste products).

When I asked his Mom what Obrin likes to do, she told me she didn't know, because he's not allowed to play outside due to the bad neighborhood they live in. Here's hoping that Obrin can get a year's worth of swimming, fishing, catching fireflies, playing fetch with the dogs, going for walks and riding a bike in the week he's with us.

Here's Obrin with his lttle sister.

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  1. WoW...You had me going for a minute. What a wonderful thing for you to do for someone who has never known the joys that come with country life. I know he won't want to go home ;-)



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