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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Strayngers to Strays ....

Over the years we have crossed paths with many stray critters. Some we have kept as our own, others we have found loving homes for.

As of Sunday, a new little stray has entered our lives. A sweet tabby kitten we have named Malishka, which is Russian for baby girl.

That afternoon I was sitting on the deck in the late afternoon watching the kids in the pool when I heard a plaintive, repeated meowing coming from our driveway. When I looked down, I saw this pathetic little half-bald kitty looking up at me and crying pitifully. As soon as I opened the gate to walk down the steps toward her, she ran away. Luckily, she didn't run far and she stopped and let me pick her up. It was all I could do to keep from crying out when I saw the hundreds of fleas running all over her bare back and belly. I took her inside and gave her a bath with some itch-relief pet shampoo, then applied a vial of Frontline to her.
Despite being half-starved and half-mad from all the fleas, she was incredibly sweet and quite the purr-train. We gave her some food and water which she gobbled right up, and made a bed for her in a pet-carrier with a litter pan and a water dish.
Next morning, she still had some fleas, but there were hundreds of dead black dots in her bedding. A step in the right direction. I called the SPCA and reported that we had a found kitten staying with us, but it's now two days later and I haven't heard back from them.
I guess we have a new pet.
Well. Julie does. We've decided this can be her kitty, and she's beyond excited.
Julie went with me today to take her kitten to the vet. We've learned that Mali's about two months old, she has worms, but does not have feline leukemia or HIV. We also learned that she's very cute.

We already knew that.


  1. Just stopping by from the Saturday Blog Hop. What a gorgeous little kitten you've got yourselves there! Fun times ahead. :)

  2. Congratulations on the new family member! Isn't it funny how those little strays always show up? You wonder if the word on the street is that you're a good person and will make their lives better. Wish they could talk so they could tell you all about their adventure. Then again, maybe it's better that they can't!. Orange tabbies are wonderful - I wish you many long happy years together! I'm sure Malishka will be forever grateful for your kindness and compassion. Lucky kitty!

  3. @fabulousflo, thanks! She sure is a pretty little thing, and sweet as can be. Glad you came by....
    @lapcats, good question re: "the word on the street"! I have to wonder sometimes! Thanks for stopping by and commenting...



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