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Monday, August 17, 2009

End of an Era

My baby boy did the unthinkable yesterday. He turned 10 yeas old.


I now have not one child in my life that's in the single digits. That's just not fair. It makes me feel so darned old.


ANyway, he seemed to have a fun time yesterday. He wanted to go out to Denny's with the family (our kids were born with a silver spatula in their mouths) so we went there for lunch. When we got home we opened gifts from the family and he loved everything:
Patrick gave him a book on pirates
James gave him a wooden gun that shoots rubberbands
Rosie had gotten him a handweight (for building those 10 year old biceps)
Bella chose a rainbow art pad
Julie bought him a wall applique of Halo 3 (from an x-box game for those of you who reside in caves)
and River (cousin visiting with us this week) got him a Nerf Gun the size of our garage.

His Dad and I got him a book and a Playmobil set of a Roman arena complete with gladiators and lions and chariots.

At least I still have one child that is not above wanting honest to God toys for his birthday and not just electronics.

So then he had a couple friends come over and they ran, swam, rode bikes, shot Nerf guns, and played video games. We then had pizza for dinner and moved on to singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles.

He also got a VERY cool gift from his Aunt Mary. She wrote him a song and he got to watch her perform it on the computer. As he says, it was totally awesome.

I'm glad Daniel had a good birthday.

I'll be OK ... sniff, sniff......really I will......

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