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Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Goin' To The Zoo-Zoo-Zoo

Yesterday we took our big crew
And drove to the Philadelphia zoo.

It was crowded and hot, but it mattered not,
For the breeze made us feel nice and cool.

We ate picnic lunch on a rock
While the kids cavorted with a peacock.

They ran 'round some more, then we went to explore,
And so we set off at a trot.

We saw many things in a day,
Such as gibbons and otters at play.

We saw monkeys swoop and elephants poop
And thought admission was a small price to pay.

The kids pressed their face to the glass
When they saw the babboon's funky a--

And after awhile, saw a Nile crocodile
And a tortoise moving slow through the grass.

But soon it was time to go.
To the camel rides we had to say no.

Though the kids were sweaty and hot and smelled like socks
They cried they still wanted some mo'.

On the way home we ate.
Burgers and fries and shakes.

We talked and we laughed about long-necked giraffes,
Bats, capybaras and snakes.

We'll go again someday.
To learn and to laugh and to play.

But for now it's relaxing to be sitting here typing
While the kids just hang out for the day.

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