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Monday, May 18, 2009

Girl Power

I had to do some fence repairs yesterday, so I checked with the kids to see if I had any helpers among them. Only two volunteered: Rosie and Julie. The rest of the gang were all deeply enmeshed in brain-rotting activities of the utmost importance.

No matter, I took my girls and we loaded up my truck with barbed wire, work gloves, u-nails, hammers, wire cutters, machetes, etc. We drove out into the knee-high grasses of the pasture and got to work. The work in question being hacking away at brambles and briars, stretching wire, resurrecting rotting fence posts, hammering nails into tree trunks, and slamming posts into the ground with the T-post driver. We got scratched, dirty and sweaty, and probably a raging case of Poison Ivy to boot, but we got the job done. Of course, a small elephant could probably walk on through our patches, but lucky for us our horses don't try too hard.

Fence patched, we let the horses back into the low field and Rosie said she could actually see them smiling when they ran out into the tall grass. I know the girls were smiling when they were eating the Rita's I treated them to afterwards.
Who needs boys?

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