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Friday, May 15, 2009


Got a call the other night from a rep promoting some package deals at a hotel chain. Always looking for a good deal, I decided to listen to her pitch. So she got all my information and told me they were offering special promotions in Orlando. That's great, I told her, b/c we were thinking we might try to get down to Disney next year. The gist of our conversation follows:

Rep: Disney? So do you have kids?
Me: Yes, we do.

Rep: How many?
Me: 6.

Rep: 6. Oh................
Rep: 6?
Me: Yes, 6.

Rep: Would you be taking all of them?
Me: Uhhhh ....well, yes.

Rep: All 6?
Me: Yes, all 6.

Rep: I'm afraid we don't have any rooms that can accomodate that many people.
Me: Yes, I know, we generally get 2 adjoining rooms when we stay at a hotel.

Rep: Well we do have a beautiful 2 room suite with a kitchenette that sleeps 10
Me: That sounds wonderful, can you tell me more about that?

Rep: Well we can only put 5 people in there.
Me: I thought you said it sleeps 10.

Rep: Well yes, but because of fire codes we can only allow 5.
Me: ...............

Rep: You're sure you would be taking ALL the kids?
Me: Which ones would you suggest I leave behind?

Rep: Tense, polite laughter.
Rep: We also have some lovely rooms available in Las Vegas. Maybe just you and your husband would be interested in hearing about that?
Me: Well, it sounds like a nice idea but I don't think we'd be able to take advantage of an offer like that.

Rep: Why not?
Me: 6 kids (think Abbott and Costello, First Base)

Rep: ........Uh......well I'm sorry we won't be able to help you at this time, but if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-large-families-confuse-us.


  1. That just made me laugh. I have had so many conversations that went a little bit like this! We have 5!

    1. We've got to laugh, right Mama Sadie Bell? Either laugh or cry!

    2. Has this rep not heard of No Child Left Behind?

  2. What an idiot. Not a very good sales person. Perhaps all 6 of your kids can go stay with him while you and your husband live it up in Vegas!

    Came to you from #FindingTheFunny

    1. Steph, I love your idea (taking notes). Thanks for coming by!

  3. LOL! Anne I would not have had any problem hanging up on her after she asked, "Who's on first?" for the third time. LOL!!

  4. Wait - the whole sleeps 10, but only 5 can be there is just plain crazy. LOL. Gotta love telemarketers.

  5. Hilarious! You have to laugh or you'd scream. Sleeps 10 but actually what?? (TALU)

  6. Reading this was a GREAT way to start my morning! We have three kids - and would always try and cram into one room on vacation. It was a nightmare, but made for good memories. Thanks for TALU!

  7. Ha! I love it when a telemarketer gets stumped and has to go off-script. Lovely job!
    We once looked into going to a Great Wolf lodge. They thought it was perfectly reasonable to pay $700 for a one night stay. And no adjoining rooms, so husband and I would't even be together with the kids.
    We don't even bother telling hotel folks how many kids we have. We have run into too many sleeps 10, can only have 5 situations. We sleep 10, thank you very much.

  8. my brain hurts! how can it sleep 10 if they only allow 5? can't you cram 5 into a regular room with 2 queens and a cot anyway? Love how you handled it though! "Which ones would you suggest I leave behind?" classic!

  9. That is both ridiculous and hilarious! People are nuts--and by people, I mean telemarketers. #TALU

  10. NO WAY! Ha, that is hilarious! You really can't make that stuff up... #TALU

  11. That's crazy about the fire codes - wouldn't you think that would have been a consideration when creating that 10-person room???

    The thought of adjoining rooms really brought me back. I remember when I was 4 or 5, my Dad would go out of state on jobs a lot, and we would sometimes head out to meeting him and spend a few days. I always felt like such a bigshot with my sister and I having our own room. At least until we wanted to go in the pool at one such place and the manager was insisting I put on a life jacket!! My inner diva was having NONE of that! I thought my mother would strangle me. I get it now - no lifeguard, my mother couldn't swim, and I was just a little thing, but as far as I was concerned, I was a big girl {a/k/a brat} who could swim all by herself. ;)

  12. What a strange turn to say the suite sleeps 10, but you can only bring 5 (???). And then to suggest you only some of them, lol. TALU

  13. Haha! Thanks for all the terrific comments, everyone, you had me laughing, too!




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