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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight Zone

Last night our local Blockbuster hosted a "Twilight Party" in anticipation of the Twilight DVD becoming available at the stroke of midnight. I promised to take Rosie and her friend McKenzie who was sleeping over. Then I got sucked into agreeing to pick up another friend (Lauren) and taking her along as well.
The girls had a blast.

The movie was playing on several screens around the store, and people (well, mostly teen and pre-teen girls) were camped out, glassy eyes glued to the screens. Whenever Edward would appear, I'm sure the screams could be heard from the drugstore across the street. Take my word, you didn't want to be there for the kissing scene.

The Blockbuster staff was great; they really made it a fun event for the girls. There were refreshments like blood-red punch and red-frosted cupcakes. There were games and activities scheduled intermittantly throughout the night. Rosie won a button for the Pin the Kiss on Edward game, and a friend of hers won the Decorate Your Own Twilight T-shirt game. There was much running and squealing and screaming of Twilight apparel-clad girls, and a few bleary-eyed parents sitting like sacks in corners of the store, waiting for the whole thing to be over so we could get back home and crawl into bed.

The movie ended shortly before midnight, and the lines formed to pick up pre-ordered DVDs. Another group formed as well. Desperate parents who had not gotten their acts together formed prayer circles, hoping against all hope that there would still be a few DVDs available for purchase after the pre-orders had been distributed. I was among that group. But some of the gods I prayed to must have been listening, as I was able to score one of the coveted DVDs and achieve fleeting hero status in the eyes of my daughter.

The girls tracked down the store employee they had developed a crush on in order to tell him goodbye, and then we loaded into the car. Dropped off Lauren, then headed home. I finally fell into my bed around 1:30 am and fell immediately to sleep. It was a tiring night, but so much fun for the girls. I can easily say that I took one for the team last night. Though I have to admit, Edward was kinda cute.

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  1. You are such an awesome mom to take your girls to this! I have read all the books and seen the movie twice! LOL I also just went to a New Kids on the Block concert.......hmmm.......



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