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Monday, March 2, 2009

Girls Day Out. Plus Daniel.

So the girls were going to die if we did not see the Jonas Brothers Movie on opening day. We had a lot of appointments that day, but the day off school, so the only way we could fit it in was to take them to an 11am show. Wouldn't have time to see that and get home again before our first appt, so Daniel had to come with us. So picture me, with my three girls, plus our friend McKenzie, and poor little Daniel, who is about as Pure Boy as they come. He sat in his seat looking miserable as screaming girls chased through the streets after Nick, Joe and Kevin on the big screen. He covered his ears, then sat on the floor till I finally got the hint and offered to sit with him on the bench out in the lobby. He was much happier there, trying to jimmy all the gumball and candy machines for coins or candy, running around in snowboots (on a 65 degree spring-like day) that were 7 sizes too big for him.

But he was a trooper and he lived to tell the tale. We then went on to lunch, then our first appt in downtown Wilmington. A little time on the playground at AI duPont, then Bella's appt with her eye doctor (can you say surgery one more time?). Finally home, a quick pizza dinner, and then I went out to my book club. Haven't done that in a dog's age, so it was good to get together with the girls and talk about grown-up things. Though of course the subject of most of our conversations was kids. School, chores, homework, music lessons, the things they do that make us scratch our heads.
And of course, the Jonas Brothers.

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  1. Although if I saw one, I would probably recognize him as a Jonas brother, I don't actually think I could tell you anything they sing?? I probably would have been out in the lobby with Daniel! ;)



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