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Monday, March 30, 2009

6 Kids = Charity Case

Got a call the other day from the school nurse. Told me one of the aides said Julie's coat doesn't zipper. Mind you, this is the coat we bought for Julie in Kazakhstan all of 4 months ago.
"I know", I said. "The zipper is broken and I have a new coat for her, but I thought now that the weather is milder I would save the new coat for next year. Didn't think she would bother zipping up even if it did work, as it's pushing 60 degrees".
"Wellllll", said the nurse, "We have some coats just laying around here. Why don't we just send one home with Julie. If she can't use it perhaps someone else can, so just pass it on around and see who it fits". I hung up, embarrassed, thinking they must think I can't afford to send my kids to school properly dressed to protect them from the elements.

But if that wasn't bad enough, Julie came home from school that afternoon all happy and exclaiming about her pretty new coat. I looked down at her feet and saw that she had duct tape wrapped 'round and 'round one of her shoes. "What's all this about?" I asked.
Bella explained to me that the bottom of Julie's shoe had apparently come unglued during school and so the whole bottom of her shoe was flapping around like a SCUBA flipper. So the teacher duct-taped Julie's shoe together. Again, mind you, these are sneakers I bought for Julie BRAND-SPANKIN'-NEW about 2 mths ago.

My poor little orphan-child had to come home from school today in a charity coat and with her shoe duct-taped. I'll consider myself lucky if the school doesn't contact some government agency and advise them to drop in on us to see that we're properly caring for our adopted children.

Now I'm tempted to go find some funky fabric and sew big patches of it all over my kids' clothes. Maybe send them in with brown grocery bags for backpacks and bread and butter for lunches. Sit back and see what happens.
Could be interesting....

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