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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fountain

We've all heard the jokes of the dog's perception of the toilet as an eternal fountain. No matter how much they drink, there's always a supply of "fresh" water waiting for them.
I wonder if my two new kids must think of our kitchen and pantry in that way. No matter how much they eat (which is considerable), food just keeps reappearing. The apples, the yogurt, the milk, the pretzels, it just keeps on comin', as if fed from an underground spring.
How I wish. Keeping the coffers filled has become a job in and of itself. I feel like my car is set on auto-pilot to take me to the grocery store and I know the cashiers by name.
Must be a strange feeling for the kids. In the past, they only ate when the food was placed before them at mealtimes. Now they know they can take fruits and vegetables whenever they want, without even asking. Other snacks are available to them too if they just check with Mom first. And cleaning their plates at dinner (never an issue) means dessert afterwards, usually ice cream. Ice cream! They always look at me in disbelief after their first bite.

I'm glad we're able to provide this all-you-can-eat (within reason) buffet for them, and I'm glad to see them growing so healthy and strong. It's worth all the extra trips to the grocery store, and the bigger totals at check-out.

Still wish we had that underground spring providing it all.

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