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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back 2 School

After keeping a countdown checklist for the last couple weeks, James and Julie finally got to start school on Monday, Feb 9th, one month to the day since arriving in the US. They were sooo excited, and came running in the door at the end of the day looking fit to bust. Julie, with both thumbs up, shouted, "School gooooot, yes!"It was one of those moments that I wished each of my ears could process independently, b/c they were both regurgitating the details simultaneously. While the fine print might have been lost on me, the overall sense from both was that it was a day that will last in their memories a lifetime.

I drove them in the first day so that I could walk them to their classrooms and introduce them to their teachers, but they have taken the bus since then. I stand at the door crying like an idiot watching all six of them board the bus in the mornings. Something I've been dreaming of and waiting for so long, and now it's just one of those ordinary realities. The first of many beautiful, miraculous ordinary realities ....

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