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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Julie is the most recent addition to our family, and 5th in birth order. There are 7 months separating all three girls, which means that life as we know it should be kicked up a notch in a few years when they are all teenagers. As you probably all know, I didn't know a thing about this girl till the day I met her in late Oct 2008. How she ever kept herself contained, sitting primly and quietly on her chair as all the grown-ups prattled on about procedural stuff, I'll never know. She had passed the years 2001 - 2008 in two different orphanages, just life as usual, when all of a sudden Fred and I show up and they tell her, these people want to adopt you and take you to live with them in America. MinistryofEducationOfficialsayWHAT? She was kinda like, uhhh, OK. But it seemd more of a question than a statement. What it was was a gigantic leap of faith. And it's a leap I'm glad she was willing to make.

She is one of the most vivacious, fun-lovin' little gals I've ever met. She's always laughing, and if she still has a bit of a shell to come out of, I have to say it makes me nervous. She has an uncanny knack for comprehension, piecing together bits of language, facial expressions, and context so that she pretty much has known what we've been saying to her from the day she came home.

She loves pink and red, dogs and horses, running and riding her bike. She also loves to tease James and then play the part of the innocent, turning big doe eyes at me when he accuses her of name-calling. I look forward to knowing her more and more each day. I love her to pieces already and can't wait to see the person she will become.

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