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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Friend of Mine....

I have this friend who's going through a bit of a rough patch lately.

Poor thing.

She's dealing with two family members who are experiencing their own personal One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest moments.

On Saturday she was out weeding with her kids when she stepped on a nail that popped right through her shoe and into the arch of her foot.

And as it turned out, some of those weeds? Poison Ivy.  Yeah, she's got that.

Later that night, she was returning home from taking her kids somewhere when she got the call that her dog had been hit by a car. This particular dog NEVER leaves the yard, but for some reason he left it on a dark and rainy night and ran right out in front of a car. So my friend took him to the emergency vet clinic and didn't get home till three in the morning. It's touch and go for the poor old dog, who seems to have damaged his spinal cord. Time will tell. She's praying to St. Francis and all his heavenly buddies that he'll be able to walk again.

But the Calendar Gods must be pleased, still, so the next morning she was up at the break of dawn to take a couple kids to their job, and then later another kid to a soccer game. It was while she was at the game she felt it coming on. That achiness. When she got home she was able to confirm with a swipe across the temple: fever.

Went to the doctor on Tuesday, and he did a culture, so it's not confirmed yet, but she has all the earmarks of having the flu. 102.6 degree fever, cough, fatigue, feeling like she'd been run over by a truck. Doc says she's an "index case", meaning the first in the area. Asked her all kinds of questions about people she might have been in contact with that had travelled. Said the officials would have to be notified.

Made her feel very special.

Like Gwyneth Paltrow from Contagion.

Image source

Except she died, so let's think of someone else.

But special or not, she still had to contend with kids who needed rides, kids who needed to eat, a dog that needed meds three times a day and to be walked in a towel-turned sling, and a house that was falling into disarray faster than you could say influenza.

Not that she was doing much of anything to hold the disarray at bay. She would bleakly mumble, "Do your chores" from beneath the pile of blankets under the sofa, without any kind of follow-up or threat of consequences. She'd sweet talk the oldest into sling-walking the handicapped dog into the yard and giving him his meds. She would point a finger in the general direction of staples like cereal and eggs when asked "What's for dinner?".

Hopefully she'll be OK, this friend of mine.

Say a prayer for her, would you?


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  1. I am indeed praying for I have a sneaky idea this friend of yours is a VERY close friend indeed...hugs to your friend and you too!

    1. You sneaky thing, you....
      Thanks for the prayers!

  2. Well, after I read about your "friend" I felt better about my year, I mean week...and came away renewed somewhat, sort of, and did indeed offer prayers for healing and chaos in general. You have my heart....been there so many times..hence the recurrent PTSS! Oxoxox

  3. Sorry to hear you're sick, hope you're on the road to recovery soon. If not, I'd be happy to send you some teenagers to help with if they'd actually help, right?

    1. The teenagers I know need a little wrath behind their chore instructions, and I'm a little short on wrath right now. Heavy on the apathy, though. But thanks for the offer.

  4. My goodness! Are the doctors sure the flu-like symptoms aren't related to the nail through the foot? Take care and get as much rest as you can.

    1. Idk, Heather. I did show him the nail wound and he thought it looked good and he gave me a tetanus booster. Turns out it's not the flu, though, so Idk. Thanks for the good thoughts!

  5. Yep, we've all had those strings of one-two-three-I cannot take anymore-moments. I'm happy to send a prayer up, the more the merrier, and maybe we'll help get her out of this stop along the way sooner than later. I hope her doggy is okay too.

    1. Thanks, Rosey! I - I mean - my friend sure appreciates it!



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