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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Behind the Dryer

Last week when I wrote about my appliance woes, I mentioned that we have to put the clothes through at least four dryer cycles for the clothes to be passably dry. That's in large part b/c the washer's spin cycle stopped working, but also b/c the dryer has been drying sub-par for some time now anyway.

So last weekend I took it upon myself to pull the dryer out and check to see if lint was building up in the hose. It was. Big time. As in, I can't believe our house hasn't burned down.

Anyhow, I thought I could lay to rest the theory of what happens to the socks. You know how you put 5 pairs in but only 3 1/2 pairs come back out? The dryer does not eat them. The dryer is simply an underground rairoad for socks.

A way station.

And I caught many of them before they made their way on to wherever they go.

Besides socks, I found all the other things you would expect to find behind the dryer.

You know, underwear, headbands, ponytails, a gross of pencils, nails, rocks, clotheshangers, belts, enough change to retire on, pajamas, bathing suits, several stain spray bottles and boxes of dryer sheets, a bottle of tacky glue, all the Chapsticks I ever gave my kids in their stockings, and lint. About a cubic yard of lint.

Taking suggestions on ways to round out my 101 Uses For Lint list.

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  1. Sorry about the appliance woes - glad the house didn't burn down!



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