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Monday, May 20, 2013

A New Shejhule...


Heavier sigh....

The time has come to make some changes.

I had hoped when I started back to work that I wouldn't have to give up any of the time I give to writing, but that isn't working out so well.

If it was just finding some time to actually "write" I don't think it would be as much of an issue. But what I need is time to write stuff, time to submit, time for blogging and sharing and linking and engaging and tweeting and all those other things that make up the social media landscape that is so integral to developing a platform nowadays.

And all those pesky children and pets of mine still expect me to feed them and stuff.

There is just no longer the time in the day to get it all done.

Or so my blood pressure has been telling me.

So I've had a talk with myself, and we have decided it's time to cut back a bit. Starting with this-here blog.

I'll still blog, it just won't be seven days a week any longer. Who posts seven days a week anyways? Just crazy me.

Let it go, woman, let it go....

Here's my new schedule:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Tuesday Archive Link-Up blog hop
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
Thursday: Off
Friday: Farm Friday
Saturday: Sometimes guest posts, sometimes odds and ends
Sunday: Something family/life-related

Letting go can be hard, but I know it's a change I have to make.

Here's hoping it's a change my readers and I can all live with!

And thanks for being the awesomely devoted amazing readers that you are!

Love you all.


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Rudeness disclaimer:

I love all your comments,
I read every one!
But I can't hit 'reply',
I've no time for fun.
Please don't judge me,
Please don't hate.
If you have a question that just can't wait,
Send me an email at,
And I'll answer right back because I'm, you know, the Mom.


  1. I think many of us are going to have to cut back now that summer is here. So much to do! Good luck with your plans.

  2. you hung in there longer than I could...

  3. I always wondered how one manages to do an everyday blog. I can barely manage to get one in once a week if I am lucky. You deserve a break!



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