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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Mud Room - How to Clean and Organize

Today I bring you a guest post from the lovely and talented Nicole Sanders.

Take it away, Nicole!

Is your mud room more mud than room? Do you dread hearing the words "mud room" and "spring cleaning" in the same sentence?

If so, it's time for home cleaning tips so that you can transform that mud room from mess to success. It might seem overwhelming at first, but if you take it in steps, it's not so bad. What you need is a two-stage plan for getting the job done. The first stage is cleaning, and the second stage is organizing.

The first thing that's required for cleaning is to take everything out of the mud room. That means everything. You can't do a proper job of cleaning if you don't get into all the corners. There are dust rolls, cobwebs and also dead insect parts in there, which are actually unhealthy to breathe. There may be mouse droppings as well. So you need to get all that out of there.

Use a clean broom and knock the cobwebs down from the ceiling and upper corners. Make sure you have a lot of light in there so you can see them. Then sweep up the big chunks of mud and debris from the floor. Use a clean mop. Mop the floor carefully with some water and mild detergent, getting into all the corners. When the floor is dry, sweep it again, because mopping knocks a lot of chunks loose from the floor.

Great job of cleaning that mud room! Now for the next stage of mud room renewal— organizing! Go through everything you had stored in there. Make four sections for your stuff. Mark them: Put Back in the Mud Room, Put Somewhere Else, Donate to Charity, and Throw Away. Take your time and go through everything, and put it in one of the four piles. You might want the whole family in on this if everyone had things stored in the mud room; it's only fair they should get to decide the fate of their belongings.

Before you put back or donate anything, you should look at it and make sure it's clean. If it's dusty or muddy, clean it off and if it's moldy or otherwise too far gone, throw it away. You don't want to put dirty items back in your newly cleaned mud room or other parts of the house, or donate something you wouldn't take yourself.

Here are a couple more mud room home cleaning tips. If you're very busy, or overwhelmed with spring cleaning, you could hire a cleaning service. A cleaning service would do a thorough job, though you'd still have to decide what you wanted to keep or throw away. Another tip is to pick a mud room-cleaning day when everyone is home. That way everyone can help.

Although it's called the mud room, it does need a good cleaning at least once a year. You'll get better use out of it and it's nicer to look at that way. And after all, when dirt travels into your house, that's where it gets off the train!

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  1. I loved when I got to the part about 'hiring a cleaning service.' :-) Cleaning my back walk-in closet (kinda like a mud room) is at least a half-day job. It truly is a daunting task. But I like your advice of taking everything OUT first.

  2. Thanks for chiming in, ladies! Hope this will be helpful for you!

  3. I'm so glad to hear y'all are enjoying this post! Glad to have helped out! :)

  4. Great ideas... and you know cleaning makes me even more high strung. Thanks for stopping by the Mom's Monday Mingle. Following you here and everywhere!

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