Saturday, March 24, 2012


Had to take the girls shopping yesterday. They needed shorts since spring seems to have sprung two months early 'round here.

So, because I'm cheap, I took 'em to Plato's Closet, for "brand name, gently used clothing".

And the whole thing went something like this:

They're too short.
Straps aren't wide enough.
Too high.
No rips.
Too tight.
Too short.
Too short.
Too short.

Anybody wanna trade girls for boys?

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  1. Ha! I feel your of my girlies pitched a tantrum yesterday because I wouldn't let her wear swim shorts when she went to visit Max with me. Did I mention we were going to the hospital, not the pool?

  2. I take it those comments were all yours, lol, hmmm, scissors, old jeans = shorts.

  3. @Tombstone: What? Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks!

    @Dee: Why did we think tantrums would be a thing of the past once they grew beyond the little kid stage? Oy.



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