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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

Snow shoveling

Snow sleddin'

Snow men

Snow ladies

Snow wrasslin'

Snow horse

Snow ponies

Snow dog

Snowy day board games
(Pay no attention to the empty wine glass)


  1. Awww that looks like a fun day. Looks like another year is going to go by with out us making a snowman with 2 inches of snow. Yes our snow man has plenty of grass in it when we do get to make one.

  2. I love snow days! We're still waiting for that one storm that dumps a coupe of feet! Thanks for hosting TALU Tuesday!

  3. Loved the pictures and feeling like I experienced a snow day. Not many of those in So. La. so I enjoyed yours from the comfort of my Lazy Girl chair;-)

  4. Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids (I have a Daniel too, he's new!) and I never noticed the wine glass until you said something :-) TALU

  5. Great pictures! Looks like you created some great memories.

  6. Great pictures. I like the snow horse and ponies because I usually don't get to see those during a storm. Thanks for hosting TALU, Anne.

  7. I would love if it only snowed on Christmas Eve! Or maybe just on mountains for skiing/sledding/snow boarding. I can't stand being on the road and suddenly finding myself in a whiteout - happens a lot around here. I love that the dog kinda looks like a polar bear in the first shot of him/her. Our Tyler used to LOVE rolling around in the snow. Coco the CuKoo Chihuahua on the other hand can barely manage to be in it long enough to go outside to go potty. Used to love how Tyler would wipe her paws on the mat when she came in and would wait for someone to towel her off. :)

  8. Good pictures, all, but I love the photo of your daughter on the horse the most.

  9. Thanks, guys. It sure was pretty, wasn't it? That was two years agom when we got record snowfall. We haven't gotten much at all these last two years. I love snow.
    Thanks for coming by TALU, everyone!

  10. Love this!! Your snow people rock! As do your snow children and snow animals! :-) TALU



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