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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Get Your Head in the Game

Rosie, James, Julie and I participated today in a brain cancer awareness walk. We walked with a team called Christina's Crusaders. Christina was the daughter of an aquaintance of mine who passed away in the last year from a brain tumor. Rosie was able to walk with her good friend Alyssa, who was a friend of Christina's.

I also walked in remembrance of my brother Donald. We wrote a message to him on the "Memory Wall" and I wore his picture and life dates on a card hung around my neck. It's coming up on 13 years that he passed away. It was nice to have an event like this to bring people together and raise awareness.

I was glad some of the kids wanted to walk in this, and we took the time this morning to look on the website at the pictures of the people being walked for. It's so wonderful, I think, when kids are able to see outside their small world every now and again, and to realize how truly blessed they are.

Of course, they also loved being part of the walk so they could enjoy pizza and popcorn, and dance to the live music. Bottom line is, it was a very memorable date for all of us, and I think it will have a lasting impact on them.

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