Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Birth of a Blog

No glaring hospital lights, distracting machine blips, or searing, blinding pain. And yet my new blog has been born, all shiny and new. New as this January day in 2009. New as the two most recent additions to our family. The roots of this blog, the conception if you will, go back to October 2007, when I began writing Bringing Borya Home, my attempt at chronicling the adoption of my son Borya. The adoption took over a year to complete, and along the way we learned of Borya's beautiful, lovely little sister Yulia, whom I am now so proud to call my daughter. But once my kids got home, I knew I needed to change things around a bit in blog world. No sense continuing on with a blog called Bringing Borya Home when he is now in fact home (along with his sister). So I'm starting the new year with a new blog about my newly formed family.


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